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Mogran TV is a Sudanese satellite Channel broadcasting its news, current affairs, talk shows and investigative journalism from London. MTV range of concerns expands to cover political, economical, social and cultural issues of interest to all Sudanese inside and outside the country.




Generating knowledge and creating awareness to safeguard the country and its peoples.


To provide a platform characterized by professionalism, integrity, accuracy and transparency that offers opportunities for expressing various Sudanese positions and views within a free and positive atmosphere conducive towards generating and developing awareness that will create an informed public Sudanese understanding of issues and concerns. MTV will contribute positively towards rebuilding the country’s capabilities to accommodate differences, nurture capacities and to allow potentials to flourish within the spirit of freedom, diversity and justice.


1. To create a free media environment capable of effective and creative engagement with public issues in accordance to the principles of professionalism, transparency, decency and integrity. 2. To participate in the process of rehabilitating the Sudanese individual, restoring the Sudanese social fabric and enhancing the values of multiplicity and cultural and ethnic diversity. 3. To safeguard the Sudanese heritage and finding ways to express its various rich manifestation while paying full attention to the principles of modernity and awareness. 4. To consolidate the values of peace, liberty, democracy, human rights, freedom of expression and belief, rights of women and minorities, rule of law and proper governance, and peaceful exchange of power. 5. To pave a ground conducive for benefiting from the material and moral capabilities of the expatriate Sudanese and of the Sudanese communities in the diasporas. 6. To create and to maintain a sense of continuity between the generations inside and outside Sudan.


1- Commitment: MTV will adhere totally and unreservedly to the just Sudanese causes, and will place morality above politics, and general above individuals’ desires and interests. 2- Community: At all times MTV will maintain a stance that contributes positively to making the Sudanese societies and communities more accommodating, empowering and rewarding. 3- Diversity: MTV will express the needs of all of the Sudanese peoples, and will articulate their diversity intelligently, openly and in a spirit of respect. 4- Inclusiveness: MTV will produce and edit its content using the broadest possible awareness of cultural differences and treat all manifestations of Sudanese cultures with undivided respect. 5- Editorial and Technical Excellence: MTV will maintain high editorial and technical excellence in its production, presentation and broadcasting.


Free Media is a Democratic Necessity.

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